About us

Nepalese Literature

Our local church, Faith Christian Fellowship located near Millersburg Ohio, started to reach out to Nepalese immigrants who came to live in Akron, Ohio. From these contacts we became aware of the great need and opportunity for christian literature among the Nepalese people.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help provide Christian literature to the Nepalese immigrants that have been migrating to the USA for the past few years. We think this is prime opportunity to have a positive effect on them as they adapt to the new culture and society around them.

Our main focus point is in some of the larger cities where Nepalese immigrants have come to live. We have made contact with some of the Nepalese pastors and we plan, through these contacts (and other contacts that we make later) as well as directly to individuals, send out the 25 Favorite Stories from the Bible booklet, gospel tracts, and Bibles.

Our Committee

This outreach is guided by five (5) committee members chosen by Faith Christian Fellowship Church which is located near Millersburg, Ohio.